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The Medicine of Music

The Medicine of Music (UK • 2013 • 3mins, 28secs)

“There is something about music which opens the heart of the listener”.
– James

From Newcastle to Allendale, THE MEDICINE OF MUSIC explores the life and philosophy of free spirited musician, James.

Director: Erin Boyle
Producer: Sarah-Jane Thoms
Camera: Iain Guy
Sound: Lizzie Snowdon

Mentored by Magnus Dennison


In Conversation with the Director:
Erin Boyle

By Amber Efstathiou, Cuckoo Review

Northern Stars presents young director, Erin Boyle. Fresh to the film scene and jumping straight in at the deep end, Erin gives us THE MEDICINE OF MUSIC: an inspiring investigation into Newcastle’s flourishing busking scene.

The documentary follows James, a local musician, documenting his day in, day out routine as a busker. Originally, the documentary was intended to be based on busking as an activity, but Erin found that people find more interest in stories which are personal, specific, and- more than anything- human. In a recent interview with Erin, she explained how important it was to find a busker who was happy to talk about what they do and had something to say about it. “We were looking for someone who was willing to let us film their life basically, so it was great how he just opened up and let us in. It was really interesting to hear about his travels, hitchhiking and how he’s gotten to where he is now. He’s definitely one of those people who just have a really interesting outlook on life”. If there’s any way to describe THE MEDICINE OF MUSIC the phrase “up close and personal” is perfectly fitting.

Having come a long way since hearing about Northern Stars Film Academy through her A Level Media teacher, Erin has described her time working with the Northern Stars team on her project as “an amazing experience”. She recommends that everyone with an interest in film and media should apply to the Academy if the chance is presented. “I’ve made so many good friends who I would love the chance to work with in the future. I was in such a great group in terms of getting along as a team. Everyone has individual strengths, so we bounced ideas off each other and I think we were just good at listening, which is really important”. Erin hopes to go on from college to study English Language or English Language with Media at University. “I love English as well as film because it all ties in together. Media is great because it’s so multi-skilled, everything is available within one platform”.